Patch Series to remove <rtems/console.h> from <bsp.h>

Joel Sherrill joel at
Tue Mar 29 15:46:22 UTC 2016


I know I flooded the list for the patch series to remove clockdrv.h from
various bsp.h files and remove the warnings introduced.

I am on the downhill side of testing a similar patch for removing
<rtems/console.h> from <bsp.h> and it looks like it will result in even
more small patches to keep them one per BSP.

Is it worth submitting these to devel@ for review? Or should I just push
them to keep the traffic down. No one wants to review 90-100 patches which
remove a line from bsp.h and maybe add it back to a console.c. :)

Any heartburn if I just push them?

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