RTEMS Project Documentation repository available.

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Fri May 20 03:48:03 UTC 2016


The rtems-docs.git repo is available and visible on 
https://git.rtems.org/. Commit emails and IRC logs will be enabled soon.

The documentation is licensed under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 
International license.

There are a few documents in the source that need to be cleaned up after 
being converted to the ReST format. There are tickets in Trac covering 
these. The rtems-docs.git repo cannot be branched for 4.11 until these 
documents have been cleaned up so please do not remove anything in 4.11 
that has been removed in 4.12 until we branch the repo. Those changes 
will just have to wait.

The docs tree in the rtems.git is dead and can be removed if someone 
wants to take that task on.

The rtems-docs.git repo source is all ReST format and built using 
Spinix. There are waf scripts in each directory so just drop into the 
manual's directory enter 'waf configure' and 'waf' to build. To build 
PDF use 'waf --pdf'.

To build you will need to install Spinix and for PDF you will need to 
Tex, Latex etc. On FreeBSD this is the texlive-all package. I hope Linux 
users will chime in with the packages needed.

The 'book' directory is currently a place holder.

All images should be placed in the 'images' directory. Please refer to 
the c_user or eclipse manuals for examples.

We plan to have all documentation appear on the https://docs.rtems.org/ 
web site and automatically built by buildbot on every commit.

If you have any questions of issues please just ask.

I wish to thank Amar for all his work in the back ground helping to get 
this large task completed.


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