RKI Image for Raspberry PI 2

Mudit Jain muditjain18011995 at gmail.com
Tue May 24 14:17:07 UTC 2016

Hi Pavel,

I have pulled your branch and I am able to build the rki.bin using the
following commands.

mkdir b-rpi2
cd b-rpi2
../rtems/configure --target=arm-rtems4.12 --prefix=$sandbox/rtems-4.12
 --enable-rtems-inlines --disable-multiprocessing --enable-cxx
--enable-rdbg --enable-maintainer-mode --enable-tests=samples
--enable-networking --enable-posix --disable-itron --disable-ada
--disable-expada --disable-multilib --disable-docs
make install
cd ../rki
waf configure --rtems=$sandbox/rtems-4.12
--rtems-tools=/home/mudit/Desktop/sandbox/rtems-4.12 --rtems-version=4.12

It succesfully builds rki.bin.
This binary is renamed and put in as kernel.img.

I previously had an image of raspbian-jessie-lite on the card. I replaced
the kernel.img in the boot partition with the kernel.img that was prepared
by the above process.
It had deleted the previous kernel.img and still it was somehow booting
into raspbian.

Raspbian Jessie Lite was downloaded from -

Is the hash of the kernel saved, and during the boot up process, if the
kernel is not authenticated, then a backup kernel takes over ?

Is there any detail that I am missing. ?

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