[civetweb] Interface for setting stack size and scheduler options

Christian Mauderer christian.mauderer at embedded-brains.de
Tue May 17 05:50:02 UTC 2016

At first: Sorry that I didn't react for such a long time. I just didn't 
find the time for working on that problem. I had some lengthy discussion on 
the RTEMS mailing list regarding the update to civetweb (or to be exact: 
where to put it) without a final solution. Therefore the update is 
currently blocked. Still it would be nice if the number of patches can be 
reduced so that a future update approach can use them.

I've seen the other thread about the *init_thread* callback. I think that 
it could handle a lot (like for example the priority) but not all. The 
stack size would be tricky.

The solution with the *start_thread* callback is quite a different approach 
than my original one but it looks like a quite portable solution.

Am Freitag, 13. Mai 2016 20:42:03 UTC+2 schrieb bel:

> *int **start_thread**(**const struct mg_context ** ctx,* mg_thread_func_t* 
> func, *void ** param, *void *** handle, ... to be defined*)* 
> {
>    stack_size <-- mg_get_option(ctx, "rtems_stack_size");
>    other_params <-- mg_get_option(ctx, "rtems_whatever_options_you_need");
I'm  not sure if that works. If I interpret the source correctly, the 
following prevents any key in the options that is not in your list of known 

With that, all parameters would have to come from another source. Am I 
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