[civetweb] Interface for setting stack size and scheduler options

Christian Mauderer christian.mauderer at embedded-brains.de
Sun May 22 09:04:44 UTC 2016

To the question from Joe Mucchiello:

I think the thread startup is more a toppic of the init_thread callback 
that has been added here: https://github.com/civetweb/civetweb/pull/304

This function gets called after the thread is started. Is this what you had 
in mind?

To bel:

I created a draft for a callback. It's not worked out and only thought as a 
basis for further discussions:


I had the following problems:

- The thread has a different return type for windows and for POSIX. It 
seems that no thread is really using the possibility to return anything. 
Currently I removed the return and just set it to void. I would expect that 
this leads to warnings when compiling the code. How could we handle this?

- The *struct mg_context* is declared in the civetweb.h but defined in 
civetweb.c file. So It could be tricky to access any context fields from 
inside a callback (e.g. for getting parameters). How is this handled in 
other callbacks? Did I overlook something?

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