RKI Image for Raspberry PI 2

Alan Cudmore alan.cudmore at gmail.com
Thu May 26 01:30:44 UTC 2016

 A couple of days ago, I created a new Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine, built
the RSB toolchain ( same version as in your log ) and built the RKI image
for sparc/sis, raspberrypi, and raspberrypi2. They all work for me.

I used these options to build RTEMS:
../../rtems-git/configure --target=arm-rtems4.12 \
--enable-rtemsbsp="raspberrypi2 raspberrypi" \
--enable-tests=samples \
--enable-networking \
--enable-posix \
--prefix=$HOME/rtems/bsps/4.12 \

It could be the firmware that is on your SD card.

Next, I'm going to try to download the firmware repository from here:

And I will see if I can replace kernel.img for the Pi A+/Zero and
kernel7.img for the Pi2.

If this works, then we dont have to rely on a pre-existing linux
distribution to make the Pi boot.


On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 8:04 AM, Mudit Jain <muditjain18011995 at gmail.com>

> As suggested by Alan, I did copy the image, rki.bin to kernel7.img,
> However rtems doesn't boot in RPi 2 . For the same firmware I tried with
> the raspbian kernel7.img, That works fine.
> The attachment contains the commands used for installing RTEMS and logs
> from RKI image creation for RPI2
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