GSOC2016: Improvements in RTEMS Tracing Framework

Chris Johns chrisj at
Fri May 27 22:57:18 UTC 2016

On 26/05/2016 10:46 PM, vivek kukreja wrote:
> I'm facing a problem with function tracing. I made changes to rtems-tld

Can you please send me a diff off-line? Thanks.

> command to ouput a CTF metadata file but i need sizes of arguments and
> return values at compile-time to be put in the metadata file.

I am not sure about this. I will ask the maintainers.

> For now i have yet to put actual variable sizes. Any recommendations how
> to go about it?

No yet. I would like to understand the flow of data and how the metadata 
is used by CTF.

> We could use shared libraries or gdb along with
> fileio-wrapper.o to identify variables and sizes from symbol table.

We need a host based solution.

> Also, my tasks for this week include tracing user-extensions and
> converting them to CTF.
> I followed the tutorial on
> to run capture.exe example but failed.
> Is building grub image necessary?

It is only needed to use the PC BSP.

> Trying to run the example fo xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu bsp directly on Qemu doesn't seem to work.

What does not work?

> RMON task
> is visible in the init tasks list but 'ctset RMON' command fails. Any
> suggestions how to make this work?

Does this mean the exe is running but something else is going wrong?


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