RFC - Remove sis before 4.12 Branches

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Mon Nov 14 15:46:31 UTC 2016


The sis variant of the sparc/erc32 BSP has existed a LONG
time in RTEMS. It was needed to turn on about 50 lines of
assembly that were needed to initialize the simulator but
not the real erc32. This reflects the simulator existing before
the hardware. The real erc32 configuration disables that
code because it is not needed and thus undesirable for
flight configurations.

Jiri Gaisler fixed the simulator well over a year ago so that
the simulator is initialized in the same state as the real HW.
This lets the erc32 BSP variant (without the special code)
work on gdb/sis. Thus this variant isn't needed any longer.

If this were ANY other BSP, this would barely rate a ticket.
But this BSP variant was added in January 2006 and is
featured in the Hello World task and various other instructions.

There is no technical reason to keep this BSP but it is going
to be a bit more difficult to completely clean up.

Any objections to removing the unnecessary sparc/sis BSP variant
before 4.12 branches?

I plan to file a ticket and prepare a patch. It will take a village
to make sure we catch all the places this is in instructions though.


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