Sphinx Doc for 4.11 and rtems_clock_set_nanoseconds_extension

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Mon Oct 31 16:14:31 UTC 2016


I am reviewing the converted Sphinx documentation to see if there
are services that are either undocumented or documented and
not present in 4.11.  I found that rtems_clock_set_nanoseconds_extension
is documented but seems to be not completely cleaned out of the
tree on the 4.11 branch and head.

This is the results of grep'ing for rtems_clock_set_nanoseconds_extension

$ grep -r rtems_clock_set_nanoseconds_extension .
./doc/user/intr.t:@item rtems_clock_set_nanoseconds_extension
./doc/user/clock.t:@findex rtems_clock_set_nanoseconds_extension
./doc/user/clock.t:rtems_status_code rtems_clock_set_nanoseconds_extension(
./testsuites/sptests/spclock_err01/spclock_err01.scn:TA1 -
rtems_clock_set_nanoseconds_extension - RTEMS_INVALID_ADDRESS

Two questions:

+ Should the remaining references in the code be removed?

+ Is the new way of doing this documented? If so, where? If not,
I cc'ed Sebastian to ask if he could add the appropriate content
to the rtems-docs Sphinx format docs.


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