RTEMS 4.10.3 RC1 Released

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Sun Sep 4 07:53:00 UTC 2016

RTEMS 4.10.3 RC1

 Release: 4.10.3-rc1
 Date   : 04 September 2016
 URL    : https://ftp.rtems.org/pub/rtems/releases/4.10/4.10.3-rc1/

This is a release candidate for RTEMS 4.10.3. The release changes are
listed in the attached Changes-4.10.3.txt.

The release provides RSB support. Please see the README.txt in the FTP
directory for directions on building.
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Aleksandr Platonov (1):

Chris Johns (2):
      Back port rtems-bsps for use in the release procedure.
      Change version to 4.10 to the rtems-bsps.

Daniel Hellstrom (3):
      LEON3BSP MP: may wake one more CPU than expected
      LEON3: fix compiler warning in SHM driver
      LEON3: change d-cache snoop detect implementation

Daron Chabot (1):
      Add c++ guard to header.

Dylan Maxwell (1):
      tftpfs: PR1624: Fix parsing of hostnames and paths

Gedare Bloom (1):
      Delete lingering bspopts.h.in file

Jeffrey Hill (2):
      rpc: misaligned address exception in get_myaddress.c
      rpc: misaligned pointer dereference in clnt_udp.c line 363

Joel Sherrill (12):
      Add .git ignore. Remove .cvsignore
      Add .git ignore. Remove .cvsignore
      LEON3: CPU index intialization moved to bspstart.c
      PR 2011/networking GRETH: Moved print to remove potential deadlock
      PR 2011/networking - GRETH: performance improvements and one bugfix
      PR 1998/networking - Move ftpd root initialization
      PR 1962/bsps - MVME162 Console Corrections and Improvements
      PR 2012 - mdump/wdump shell cmds handle length arg incorrectly; add ldump cmd
      PR 2012 - mdump/wdump shell cmds handle length arg incorrectly; add ldump cmd
      PR 2001/shell - medit command argument parsing correction
      PR 2015 - LEON3: make SHM driver configurable using weak symbols
      sparc.t: Correct for V8/V9

Michael Davidsaver (1):
      tftpDriver: close() false error

Nick Withers (1):
      Fixes breakage on at least FreeBSD.

Nickolay Semyonov (1):
      capture: back-port conversion from task_name to task_id (see #1361)

Pavel Pisa (6):
      bsp/csb336: mc9328mxl correct AITC access in bsp_interrupt_dispatch.
      bsp/csb336: implement bsp_interrupt_vector_enable/disable.
      bsp/csb336: Memory map update to support i.MX1 based PiMX1 as well.
      Backport of development SPI SD-card patches to RTEMS 4.10.
      SPI SD-Card: setup valid CRC-7 for STOP_TRANSMISSION command.
      SPI SD-Card: adapt common driver code to block devices core API changes.

Ralf Corsépius (3):
      Remove (Moved to git.rtems.org/data/git/rtems-crossrpms.git).
      Use http://www.rtems.org/bugzilla as bug-URL.
      Remove stray '/'.

Sebastian Huber (30):
      PR 2026/filesystem - Fix semaphore attributes
      PR2039: Fix NULL pointer access
      PR2040: libblock: Use segment control as parameter
      PR2040: libblock: Track number of erased blocks
      PR2040: libblock: Avoid erased blocks starvation
      PR2040: libblock: Fix return status
      PR2040: libblock: Flash disk documentation
      PR2040: libblock: Flash disk starvations statistic
      PR2040: libtests/flashdisk01: New test
      libblock: PR2040: Add starvation threshold
      libblock: PR2040: Fix recycle destination update
      bsp/genmcf548x: Fix BSP options
      bsp/genmcf548x: Enable FPU in BSP startup code
      libblock: Fix purge device tree traversal
      score: Critical fix for timer server
      rtems: Critical fix for events
      score: Fix _Objects_Shrink_information()
      libblock: PR2040: Avoid NULL pointer access
      score: PR2140: _Thread_queue_Extract()
      score: PR2140: Fix _Thread_queue_Process_timeout()
      score: PR2179: Fix initially locked PCP mutexes
      ramdisk: Fix device name generation
      score: PR2179: Fix initially locked PI mutex
      ppp: PR1943: Avoid NULL pointer access
      Avoid buffer overflow and misaligned memory access
      bdbuf: Fix race condition with sync active flag
      RFS: Fix resource leak
      posix: Fix return status of pthread_cancel()
      posix: Fix return states of pthread_kill()
      fat: Fix for invalid cluster sizes

Till Strauman (2):
      posix: fix race condition between pthread_create and capture engine
      pc386: scan all functions of multi-function PCI devices

Till Straumann (1):
      networking: alignment exception in ioctl(SIOCGIFCONF)

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