RTEMS 4.10.3 RC2 Released

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Wed Sep 7 10:08:36 UTC 2016

RTEMS 4.10.3 RC2

 Release: 4.10.3-rc2
 Date   : 07 September 2016
 URL    : https://ftp.rtems.org/pub/rtems/releases/4.10/4.10.3-rc2/

This is a release candidate for RTEMS 4.10.3. The release changes are
listed in the attached Changes-4.10.3.txt.

The release provides RSB support. Please see the README.txt in the FTP
directory for directions on building.

To build click on the link and the relases README.txt's "Quick Guide to
Building" section.

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Aleksandr Platonov (1):

Chris Johns (3):
      Back port rtems-bsps for use in the release procedure.
      Change version to 4.10 to the rtems-bsps.
      rtems-test-check: Ignore tests which require real ISR based clock tick

Daniel Hellstrom (3):
      LEON3BSP MP: may wake one more CPU than expected
      LEON3: fix compiler warning in SHM driver
      LEON3: change d-cache snoop detect implementation

Daron Chabot (1):
      Add c++ guard to header.

Dylan Maxwell (1):
      tftpfs: PR1624: Fix parsing of hostnames and paths

Gedare Bloom (1):
      Delete lingering bspopts.h.in file

Jeffrey Hill (2):
      rpc: misaligned address exception in get_myaddress.c
      rpc: misaligned pointer dereference in clnt_udp.c line 363

Joel Sherrill (15):
      Add .git ignore. Remove .cvsignore
      Add .git ignore. Remove .cvsignore
      LEON3: CPU index intialization moved to bspstart.c
      PR 2011/networking GRETH: Moved print to remove potential deadlock
      PR 2011/networking - GRETH: performance improvements and one bugfix
      PR 1998/networking - Move ftpd root initialization
      PR 1962/bsps - MVME162 Console Corrections and Improvements
      PR 2012 - mdump/wdump shell cmds handle length arg incorrectly; add ldump cmd
      PR 2012 - mdump/wdump shell cmds handle length arg incorrectly; add ldump cmd
      PR 2001/shell - medit command argument parsing correction
      PR 2015 - LEON3: make SHM driver configurable using weak symbols
      sparc.t: Correct for V8/V9
      Add autotools generated files
      Backport capability to exclude tests from building
      m32csim-testsuite.tcfg: m32csim now completes build

Michael Davidsaver (1):
      tftpDriver: close() false error

Nick Withers (1):
      Fixes breakage on at least FreeBSD.

Nickolay Semyonov (1):
      capture: back-port conversion from task_name to task_id (see #1361)

Pavel Pisa (6):
      bsp/csb336: mc9328mxl correct AITC access in bsp_interrupt_dispatch.
      bsp/csb336: implement bsp_interrupt_vector_enable/disable.
      bsp/csb336: Memory map update to support i.MX1 based PiMX1 as well.
      Backport of development SPI SD-card patches to RTEMS 4.10.
      SPI SD-Card: setup valid CRC-7 for STOP_TRANSMISSION command.
      SPI SD-Card: adapt common driver code to block devices core API changes.

Ralf Corsépius (3):
      Remove (Moved to git.rtems.org/data/git/rtems-crossrpms.git).
      Use http://www.rtems.org/bugzilla as bug-URL.
      Remove stray '/'.

Sebastian Huber (30):
      PR 2026/filesystem - Fix semaphore attributes
      PR2039: Fix NULL pointer access
      PR2040: libblock: Use segment control as parameter
      PR2040: libblock: Track number of erased blocks
      PR2040: libblock: Avoid erased blocks starvation
      PR2040: libblock: Fix return status
      PR2040: libblock: Flash disk documentation
      PR2040: libblock: Flash disk starvations statistic
      PR2040: libtests/flashdisk01: New test
      libblock: PR2040: Add starvation threshold
      libblock: PR2040: Fix recycle destination update
      bsp/genmcf548x: Fix BSP options
      bsp/genmcf548x: Enable FPU in BSP startup code
      libblock: Fix purge device tree traversal
      score: Critical fix for timer server
      rtems: Critical fix for events
      score: Fix _Objects_Shrink_information()
      libblock: PR2040: Avoid NULL pointer access
      score: PR2140: _Thread_queue_Extract()
      score: PR2140: Fix _Thread_queue_Process_timeout()
      score: PR2179: Fix initially locked PCP mutexes
      ramdisk: Fix device name generation
      score: PR2179: Fix initially locked PI mutex
      ppp: PR1943: Avoid NULL pointer access
      Avoid buffer overflow and misaligned memory access
      bdbuf: Fix race condition with sync active flag
      RFS: Fix resource leak
      posix: Fix return status of pthread_cancel()
      posix: Fix return states of pthread_kill()
      fat: Fix for invalid cluster sizes

Till Strauman (2):
      posix: fix race condition between pthread_create and capture engine
      pc386: scan all functions of multi-function PCI devices

Till Straumann (1):
      networking: alignment exception in ioctl(SIOCGIFCONF)

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