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Sun Apr 2 00:59:08 UTC 2017

On 03/31/2017 09:52 PM, Gedare Bloom wrote:
> Don't forget the deadline is Monday to submit your Final
> PDF and proof of enrollment. The "Final" PDF can be submitted multiple
> times, so go ahead and submit it when you finish a first draft. Add
> your draft proposal to the tracking table at
> also, to get some possible
> feedback.

Thanks for the welcome! (I realize I am late to the GSOC application table).

I'm set on improving code coverage of the testsuite, but I found some 
questions as I'm starting to look into how its done.

The link on the wiki to the current code status is currently broken 
<>, so I tried 
to generate a sample coverage report for 4.12 using ./do_coverage, 
./run_coverage and ./coverage_cron as suggested on the wiki here 
without any luck. Is there an up to date coverage report available?
I modified the VERSIONS-COVERAGE file like the wiki said, and once that 
didn't work dug around in the script but fix it myself quickly.

Could updating these coverage analysis scripts be a viable component of 
a GSOC proposal?

In addition, I'd like to actually make some improvements the code 
coverage itself.
The most recent information I could find was these bar graphs from 2009. 
If these graphs reflect the current coverage state, I think that 
improving coverage for the i386/pc386,
would be interesting because there is room for improvement in both the 
Baseline and Developmental groups (if these coverage statistics are up 
to date).

Does anyone know of a good reason to choose another BSP over i386/pc386?

I've just posted a draft of my proposal to the GSOC page.
If there's any feedback I'll be sure to update my proposal in time.

-Andy MacGregor

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