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Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Tue Apr 4 19:46:47 UTC 2017


After adding linpack to the exclude list of a number of BSPs since
it wouldn't fit into memory, I successfully built all BSPs except the

The warning report is at:


This is much better than a couple of months ago with about 1/2 the warnings
gone. But it is still worse than the 4.11 branch where there are 12 unique
rather than 265.

If GSoC students would take a shot at some, that would be appreciated.
I expect the many of them are straightforward to address. Help is definitely
appreciated from anyone in the community.

Unique Warnings         :  265
BSPs                    :  170
BSPs with Zero          :  0
BSPs with only in shared:  128

         Warnings by Class
      1 array-bounds
      5 attributes
    130 format=
     28 format-extra-args
     19 implicit-function-declaration
      2 incompatible-pointer-types
     20 maybe-uninitialized
      5 misleading-indentation
      3 missing-braces
      6 missing-prototypes
     19 nested-externs
      2 pointer-to-int-cast
      4 return-type
      2 strict-prototypes
      4 unused-local-typedefs

     Top Ten BSPs with Warnings
20 m68k-mrm332  (inBSP=6 inLibCPU=0)
16 lm32-milkymist  (inBSP=7 inLibCPU=0)
18 sparc-leon3  (inBSP=9 inLibCPU=0)
18 sparc-ngmp  (inBSP=9 inLibCPU=0)
22 m68k-uC5282  (inBSP=9 inLibCPU=0)
22 powerpc-haleakala  (inBSP=11 inLibCPU=0)
21 sparc-leon2  (inBSP=12 inLibCPU=0)
22 powerpc-virtex4  (inBSP=13 inLibCPU=0)
22 powerpc-virtex5  (inBSP=13 inLibCPU=0)
41 m68k-gen68340  (inBSP=28 inLibCPU=0)

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