Warning Report on Master

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Tue Apr 25 23:18:50 UTC 2017


This is the latest warnings report for the master. This is
the first report in a LONG time where nearly all BSPs
were warning free.

Note that it ignores issues in code associated with the
old network stack. Now that the status is pretty good,
nibbling at those is a reasonable step.


Unique Warnings         :  20
BSPs                    :  167
BSPs with Zero          :  161
BSPs with only in shared:  4

         Warnings by Class
      1 array-bounds
      4 maybe-uninitialized
      4 unused-local-typedefs

     Top Ten BSPs with Warnings
0 sparc-leon3  (none)
0 sparc-ngmp  (none)
0 v850-v850e1sim  (none)
0 v850-v850e2sim  (none)
0 v850-v850e2v3sim  (none)
0 v850-v850esim  (none)
0 v850-v850essim  (none)
0 v850-v850sim  (none)
1 arm-raspberrypi2  (inBSP=1 inLibCPU=0)
1 arm-raspberrypi  (inBSP=1 inLibCPU=0)
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