Can we use slack instead of IRC

Gedare Bloom gedare at
Mon Apr 3 12:11:45 UTC 2017

I agree with Chris. I tend to use direct e-mails to provide
asynchronous instructions/communications to all students at once.

On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 3:57 AM, Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:
> On 3/4/17 2:21 pm, punit vara wrote:
>> Can we use a slack for informing all the students general or common
>> things ? Its easy to add @everyone and that it every student will get
>> notified about specific instructions. Even weekly meetings if we can
>> arrange in slack it would be better than IRC. There are many benefits
>> of Slack over IRC(I hope you guys are aware of it) so can we have
>> official slack channel for RTEMS ?
> I use slack most days and I am fine with it in a commercial setting if
> my clients use it however I will not be joining an RTEMS slack group and
> do not support creating an official channel.
> I am happy with IRC and prefer it for open source projects like RTEMS
> where the channel is open and we can make the logs public. I hope we do
> not fragment what we have.
> Chris
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