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Wed Apr 19 05:45:41 UTC 2017

Am 18.04.2017 um 17:10 schrieb Sichen Zhao:
> Hi all,
> I am working on my goal of GSOC 2017 project: Beaglebone black bsp
> improvement.
> And i have some issue about the RTEMS-libbsd:
> if i switch on the macro USB_HAVE_UGEN in the
> /rtemsbsd/include/rtems/bsd/local/opt_usb.h, 
> There are lots of errors when compile code. 
> So the macro USB_HAVE_UGEN should keep unable? I see the FreeBSD on BBB
> enable the USB_HAVE_UGEN.
> Thanks
> Sichen Zhao
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Hello Sichen,

I only read the introduction of the man page (see [1]) but as far as I
can tell, ugen is a generic USB driver in FreeBSD. I think it would be
useful if you want to get some generic device Information similar to the
ones you can get with lsusb in linux. From the look of it, I would
expect that you also would need it for a library like libusb (which is
used for example in OpenOCD to get a direct access to the hardware
without any special drivers).

Normally you should not need it if there is a special driver for your
USB device in the kernel. For example, if you want to attach a USB mass
storage stick, you won't need it.

Basically for porting the BBB USB support to libbsd, I would expect that
you have to pull over the host controller driver files from freebsd and
make them compilable in rtems-libbsd. Then you would have to add the
host controller and device drivers to nexus-devices.h. After that, it's
quite possible that you can already use some of the examples like
testsuite/media01. If you need any help or details on that process, feel
free to ask.

Kind regards

Christian Mauderer

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