Removing preinstall from the build process

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Dec 13 21:31:57 UTC 2017

On 14/12/2017 01:24, Gedare Bloom wrote:
> Tremendous effort by both of you, thank you for spear-heading this
> now. 


> Will there be user-visible changes resulting from this process?

The intention is the same installed result. Using the preinstall data means the
install paths are maintained. Sebastian mentioned some side effects which are
not an issue. The other effects on users are no coping of headers files and a
simpler code structure.

No coping of header files when building means a small build tree, better
stability for developers working on the code because a change in a header is
directly seen by the build system and not indirectly via a preinstall process
that has always been fragile or broken, and hopefully a faster build. Building
all BSPs (170+) and installing 1000 headers on average each means 170,000 file
copies and that is stupid.

A simpler code structure means a compile line shows the includes being used and
these point to real git repo sets of files. The complexity and mess
preinstalling creates will be gone.

For anyone interested the effort is being coordinated out of this directory:

There is a README.txt explaining how to create a build.


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