x86_64 support?

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Thu Feb 9 15:22:39 UTC 2017

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As far as I see there is no support for x86_64 yet. I found that there was
a GSoC proposal to add BSP for the architecture, but I am not sure if it
was accepted.

Does someone know what is the current status of 64bit support and what
would be missing for a working BSP with a PCI and clock driver?

There has been interest in a "pure" new port to x86_64 which does not have
support for legacy PC hardware. It has been mentioned long enough that the
RSB includes tool chain support.and newlib has been checked to see if it
has setjmp. The tool chain is as ready as it can be.

There needs to be a new port (e.g. score/cpu) and a new clean new BSP.
There may be code in the old BSP which can be leveraged but we need to be
careful to not carry baggage forward.

A couple of things areas not present at all in the i386 support are APIC
and EFI. These must be in the new x86_64 BSP.

So no actual code in place. We need EFI boot, APIC interrupts, PCI, clock,
timer and console to have a minimum BSP. That should be enough to run

A new framebuffer driver is likely a possibility.


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