qemu RSB bset with gcc 6.3.0

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Wed Feb 15 13:10:48 UTC 2017

On Feb 14, 2017 8:47 PM, "Chris Johns" <chrisj at rtems.org> wrote:

On 15/02/2017 04:00, Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Hi
> Helping someone using Debian unstable which uses gcc 6.3.0. glib has
> code using strftime() which is now flagged and glib is compiled with
> -Werror.
> gdate.c:2497 in glib 2.39. On the glib master at github, it is line 2500
> and
> the code is fixed with a blame/comment in 2002.
> My first thought was to bump the glib version but glib is at 2.50 and
> I am concerned about interface changes. Besides, this isn't fixed
> on their master from what we saw.
> Someone reported this to Freedesktop with this issue:
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=95326
> Any thoughts?
I have some patches sitting around somewhere to bump a few bits and pieces
used to build qemu when I tried to build qemu on OSX. I could not get it to
build and I did not have the time to complete the work.

I filed a ticket and think I have the solution based on that ticket. Just
need to spend the time updating the package.

I don't see any reason to investigate rebaselining qemu yet.

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