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> Hi
> I am helping someone with git and ftp blocked by a firewall. That definitely
> limits the options. We used github for some clones using https.
> + Does support https clone?
> + Can we do snapshots from like github?
> Any RSB hints based for the firewall situation?
> Thanks.
> --joel
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Hello Joel,

I'm not sure whether something has been changed in the last few days but it seems that both is available via the cgit web interface:

This command works for me:
    git clone
It's only awfully slow and does not display any status informations. So don't get impatient. I don't think that pushing would be possible but you can get the complete history.

Regarding the archives:
I think you should be able to download the repository at every commit as a tar.gz. But I would expect that you will loose the history information. For example for the last commit you can use
The file is linked at this page:

I'm not sure how that would work together with RSB. You might have to clone the repository in an extra step at the expected source location before starting to build anything.

Kind regards

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