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Hello again Sagar Gupta,

On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 5:32 AM, Sagar Gupta
<sagarguptamonu1996 at> wrote:
> Hi ,
> My name is Sagar Gupta and I'd like to a part of RTEMS project for GSoC
> 2017.
> As of now, I have gone through 'Getting Started documentation' available on
> the wiki and have managed to set up a working environment for SPARC/SIS. The
> wiki prospective students need to provide a proof of setting up environemt
> i've send a patch with the modefied Hello World Test program after I ran it
> with ' sparc-rtems4.12-gdb ' as shown on the wiki page. Please Do let me
> know if I need to provide anything else .

Please send me your screenshot directly by e-mail.

> I've seen that the preferred method of sending patches to the mailing list
> is via git-email which would send a patch in-line
> I used it to send my patch.( Devel Digest , Vol 61 , Issue 32)
> I would love to work on Raspberry pi Imporvements(
> )
> For Raspberry pi Improvements ,would you please point me to the docs as a
> reference so that i can proceed with .Any help will be greatly appriciable

The best place to start is to inquire of past students and mentors who
worked with the Raspberry PI. Some of them will be reading here, but
some may not be. Also, it can take a few days to get a response

> I am open to other project suggestions as well.

The best student projects are the ones that the student has a passion
for doing. So we do not attempt to steer students too much. It is
better if you pick a specific project that interests you and that you
would be enthusiastic about working on all summer.

> Warms Regards,
> Sagar Gupta
> Phone : +91 8686146518
> Computer Science Student
> BITS Pilani , Hyderabad Campus
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