Texinfo (doc/) removed from 4.11 branch and master

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Wed Jan 11 18:31:32 UTC 2017


Congratulations to Chris Johns on the new Sphinx
documentation! This is the logical next step and closes
a part of RTEMS history.

Random trivia: In February 1994, the documentation
was in Lotus Ami Pro and it was the last thing that
required a non-free tool. Huntsville was hit by a horrible
ice storm and I was stuck at home for a few days. There
was actually a pile of ice/snow over a foot high at the
end of my driveway. That was when I converted the
documentation to Texinfo. Over twenty years later, it
was time for another conversion.

Today I pushed the patch for ticket 2812 which
removes the texinfo documentation from the master and
4.11 branch.  It was a large patch which didn't pass through
the vc list automatically. It is so large, I am not sure I want to
allow it to clog everyone's mailbox.

It didn't seem to touch too much outside the doc/ directory
except for some top level bits so I don't expect problems.
But there is always a risk I missed something.

Let's keep the forward progress going. Please pitch in
as we revamp and improve RTEMS infrastructure.

*** All of the documentation conversion, repairs, and
addition of new sections has been unfunded, volunteer
effort. Funding for infrastructure upgrades is needed. ***

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