Lots of BSPs Fail to Build Tests on Master

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Fri Jan 13 23:01:09 UTC 2017


The following BSPs do not successfully complete a build with all
tests enabled. A spot check of a few shows that some tests do
not fit in memory. There may be other issues. This is a major

arm-lm3s3749 arm-lm3s6965 arm-lm4f120 arm-lpc1768_mbed_ahb_ram_eth
arm-lpc1768_mbed_ahb_ram arm-lpc1768_mbed arm-lpc17xx_ea_rom_int
arm-lpc17xx_plx800_rom_int arm-lpc2362 arm-lpc23xx_tli800
arm-lpc24xx_ncs_rom_int arm-lpc24xx_plx800_rom_int
arm-lpc32xx_mzx_stage_1 arm-lpc40xx_ea_rom_int arm-rtl22xx
arm-rtl22xx_t arm-stm32f105rc arm-stm32f4
arm-tms570ls3137_hdk_intram epiphany-epiphany_sim m32c-m32csim
m68k-mcf5206elite m68k-mcf52235 m68k-mcf5225x m68k-mrm332
mips-hurricane mips-rbtx4925 mips-rbtx4938 moxie-moxiesim
nios2-nios2_iss or1k-generic_or1k powerpc-gwlcfm
powerpc-mpc5566evb powerpc-mpc5566evb_spe powerpc-mpc5643l_dpu
powerpc-mpc5643l_evb powerpc-mpc5674f_ecu508_boot
powerpc-mpc5674f_rsm6 powerpc-phycore_mpc5554 sh-gensh1 sh-gensh2
sh-simsh1 sh-simsh2e sh-simsh2 sh-simsh4

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