Desirable Application Stacks (Add-On Library Collections)

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> Hi
> Chris has put a lot of effort into the RSB and one of its
> under-utilized capabilities is building add-on libraries.
> Chris and I have long had a vision of add-on stacks which
> provide a robust foundation for applications.
> With this in mind, what third party open source packages
> do people use with RTEMS?
> To get the discussion started, what would make a good
> collection of IoT and mathematical packages?
> Suggestions, thoughts for application stack categories
> or individual packages?
> --joel

Hello Joel,

some time back I had a discussion on the mailing list regarding the civetweb web server (MIT licensed mongoose successor). The discussion stopped somewhere when we couldn't agree on a method on how to handle the test for this packet and I don't really want to start the discussion again. But I think that civetweb would be interesting for IoT applications. Especially if it is accompanied by libressl (which works quite well too).

Just think of a RTEMS light bulb with it's own https server. You could switch your light on or off without anyone listening. (To be honest: There might be some better applications for it but you know what I mean.)

Is there some wiki page where you collect package ideas?

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