[PATCH 1/2] Add support for posix_devctl()

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Wed Jan 11 15:42:44 UTC 2017

On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 12:35 AM, Sebastian Huber <
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> I didn't find a posix_devctl() in FreeBSD and glibc. Is there a reference
> implementation? Which systems do actually use this stuff?
> Unfortunately, it has not been widely implemented. QNX has devctl() which
looks like this.
I asked the Open Group POSIX maintainers the same question.

It is defined in POSIX 1003.26 and required by the FACE Technical Standard.
See http://opengroup.org/face/information for the list of documents
with the FACE Technical Standard. All editions of the standard defined
profiles for avionics embedded systems and posix_devctl() is part of that.

The rationale for including POSIX 1003.26 was that ioctl() is not defined
by any
standard.This was the only thing that did it.

POSIX 1003.26 is available from here:


This will be supported by RTOSes which aim for FACE conformance. At this
point, VxWorks, Integrity, Deos/RTEMS, and LynxOS are the RTOSes
active in the FACE Consortium which have to have this method to
achieve FACE conformance. There is a company which has a Linux based
solution and they will eventually have to add posix_devctl() to be

And yes... I agree with you that this is a marginal method. But it is
for FACE conformance.

The following paper is about a year old but it is the initial technical view
and roadmap for how OAR is working to achieve FACE conformance for
RTEMS by partnering with DDC-I who has Deos.


That was publicly presented at a FACE open event. Gedare has helped
with this effort and presented a paper at EWILI earlier this year.

We plan to formally take the integrated Deos/RTEMS combination through
the FACE conformance process.

If there are any questions about the FACE Technical Standard, FACE
Deos/RTEMS integration or anything else related to FACE activities, please
free to ask me.


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