What's Left for 4.12 Branching?

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Fri Jan 13 23:04:11 UTC 2017

On 14/1/17 6:25 am, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> What do we think is left to do before we can branch 4.12?

Libbsd needs testing after the major update from Sebastian. The i386 BSP
needs to work before we can branch.

> Code Issues
> ==========
> From my perspective, I think my POSIX API goals have
> been met with the posix_devctl and SHM patches. There
> may be patches but that's normal.
> Any other code issues?

I have some FDT support code I would like to merge.

> Tool Issues
> =========
> A new newlib snapshot would be welcomed and I thought
> a binutils release was coming up. 
> AFAIK All looks for C/C++, most look good for Fortran.
> I don't know about Ada.
> I have a patch to drop soft-float for rtems i386 gcc. This 
> let's Fortran build.
> I have a similar patch which drops SH multilibs where
> there is only single precision FP. This solves the Fortran
> build issue and a long standing Ada build issue.
> m68k Fortran causes an ICE on soft float. We need soft-float
> on that target so this is a wait and track.
> Any other tool issues?
> Documentation Issues
> ==================
> My feeling is that documentation issues are the long pole
> at this point. Chris has been working hard on this but there
> is still stuff to do.  Chris.. care to share with us what your
> goals are and what we can do to help?

I have changes to add the commands in the RTEMS Tools Project and I plan
to add a section on Applications to the User Manual. This will contain,
what is an application, configuration workflows, and building with waf
and maybe make.

I have https://docs.rtems.org/ up and running. It is an initial working
cut to get the baseline stable before I push onto fixing a few remaining

The site generates the content from XML catalogue files which are
automatically generated for the ReST based documentation. The legacy
documentation catalogues are generated from a configuration file held in
my personal repo rtems-admin.git.

Outstanding are:

1. Add support for released ReST documentation.
2. Automatic updates after a commit on master and branches.
3. Add doxygen docs after each commit. Maybe for 4.10, and 4.11


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