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> Hello !!
> My name is Sri Vathsa. I am sophomore at IIT Roorkee, India, pursuing my
> B.Tech in Electronics and Communication. I am new to open source and would
> like to contribute to RTEMS . I have been using python for the last couple
> of years and C for the past few months. Can anyone help me out with where I
> can start for contributing and any other prerequisites you think are
> necessary ?
Welcome to the project!

Are you planning on participating in Google Summer of Code?

We have a Hello World exercise that is recommended for everyone
getting started and required for GSOC and SOCIS students.
I would start there. Once you are through that, we can begin to
discuss projects.

We use Python on the host side for scripting. There are a number
of projects in this area.

On the target side, we primarily use C. There are projects here
as well but the most desirable ones from a project perspective
are likely to be host side Python ones. That's just my opinion though.


> Thanks !
> Regards,
> Sri Vathsa
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