[PATCH v2 2/2] Add dts file to generate dtb binary file for Beaglebone black.

Christian Mauderer christian.mauderer at embedded-brains.de
Thu Jul 13 06:10:31 UTC 2017

Am 13.07.2017 um 08:05 schrieb Chris Johns:
> On 13/07/2017 15:09, Christian Mauderer wrote:
>> Am 13.07.2017 um 04:33 schrieb Chris Johns:
>>> On 13/07/2017 12:22, Sichen Zhao wrote:
>>>> 在 2017年07月12日 21:52, Gedare Bloom 写道:
>>>>> On Tue, Jul 11, 2017 at 6:51 AM, Sichen Zhao <1473996754 at qq.com> wrote:
>>>>>> +These files are imported from FreeBSD.
>>>>>> +These files is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License * version 2.
>>>>> We should not pollute the RTEMS sources with GPL2 code. Is there an
>>>>> alternative approach to use?
>>>> The another way is to directly use dtb binary file, but bin file also 
>>>> has a gpl2 license. So this way is not acceptable.
>>>> Gedare said the scripts directory may be appropriate for rtems-tools.git 
>>>> or something. So i can provide a default one that can be used, it may be 
>>>> downloadable from somewhere e.g. in rtems-tools or from a FTP.
>>>> And this is the way to keep GPL code from RTEMS sources.
>>>> What do you think about?
>>> The ftp site is ok but please make sure you have the source with any binary file
>>> and all copyright details are valid.
>>> We should keep the rtems-tools.git repo as free of GPL as possible.
>>> Chris
>> Seems like no one wants the device tree files in any rtems repo. Do we
>> need an extra rtems-devicetree repository for all BSPs that support
>> device trees (currently two)?
> Yeah, I do not really know. It is a sort of gray area and not only for the
> licenses but how we integrate it. It is sort of like boot loaders and how they
> fit in. I hope this discussion can finding a way we can make this work.
> My concern with rtems-tool.git is the license for it 2-clause BSD and then we
> place some GPL code in it and users do not know and are caught out with
> compliance issues. For example I have some GPL code in the rtemstoolkit which is
> from libiberty [1]. I included as a way to get something working on all hosts
> quickly. I would like to change this but need the time to do that. At the moment
> rtems-tools is only on hosts so a bit simpler for users to manage.
>> Maybe one that just takes over the scripts
>> from FreeBSD to import the device tree sources from Linux?
> Does FreeBSD import the files into it's source tree from Linux?

Yes. See

> Can I assume loading a GPL DTB does not pollute the application?

I can't say that for sure. But I'm quite sure there should be some
discussion regarding that on the FreeBSD mailing list. They should have
had the same problem when they initially imported the files.

@Sichen Zhao: Maybe you can find something on the FreeBSD mailing list?

> Chris
> [1] https://git.rtems.org/rtems-tools/tree/rtemstoolkit/libiberty/pex-common.c

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