[PATCH] sparc: Rename NGMP to GR740 and add configs for UT699, UT700, and GR712RC

Daniel Cederman cederman at gaisler.com
Thu Jul 13 09:21:28 UTC 2017

On 2017-07-13 10:43, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> All the BSPs use -msoft-float. How do we want to address the soft-float 
> vs. hard-float issue on SPARC? This is a never ending story so far. Is 
> soft-float really used in the majority of applications? All the users I 
> talked up to now said they use hard-float.
> What about enabling SPARC_USE_SAFE_FP_SUPPORT also in uniprocessor 
> configurations and maybe add a lazy floating point safe as an optimization?

In RCC we have not taken advantage of the Makefile fragments that are 
generated for each BSP. Instead we have added custom flags to GCC, such 
as -qleon2, which adds the correct include and library paths. So the 
flags in leon3.cfg have only affected the compilation of the kernel, 
which does not use floats. For the kernel we have a patch to always 
enable floating-point support, but only use it if a FPU is available, 
which is detected by probing.

So in RCC hard floats have always been used if the hardware supports it, 
as I understand it. I could revise the patch to remove the -msoft-flag 
as, as you say, most people would like to use hard floats.

Daniel Cederman
Software Engineer
Cobham Gaisler

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