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I had a problem recently, that the interrupt server (for example used in
libbsd) caused some odd behaviour on an ARM Cortex BSP. That was solved by
the following patch:

Just today Sichen Zhao had a similar problem on the BBB:

I took a look and it seems that there are a lot of BSPs which don't check
for the valid interrupt vector range in their
functions. Every one of them will most likely have a problems if someone
tries to use libbsd or the interrupt server.

It also seems that there is no test for the interrupt server. As far as I
know, not all targets are able to support the interrupt server depending on
the interrupt controller (I'm not exactly sure which ones have support and
which doesn't). So if a test for the server would be added, that test will
most likely fail on a lot of targets.

Has someone an idea how a test for the interrupt server could look like? We
would need an interrupt that can be used on every target.

Should we mass-change all BSPs to add the check for a valid interrupt? A
mass-change could be problematic because it is nearly impossible to test on
all targets and it's in a quite critical location.

Is there anyway a timer method could be used to fake out the interrupt

There is no single interrupt source or interface to get to one.

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