Interested in GSoC 2017 Project: Memory Protection.

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Wed Mar 22 14:57:18 UTC 2017

Hello Dr. Joel,

Dr. Bloom obviously have this approach lined up, and that is why he advised
me to go work on the low level support for some more bsp's in order to
start supporting a firm MMU/MPU interface to applications running. I guess
now I need to support more bsp's in order to get to a pragmatic design for
intermediate layers.


On 22 Mar 2017 20:12, "Joel Sherrill" <joel at> wrote:

I may have missed this but Gedare has been working on adding
the mmap/shm services from POSIX. It would be nice for the
dynamic changes interface he mentioned to have an interface
to these calls. I am sure Gedare has thought of how this would
work already. :)


On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 1:14 PM, Abhimanyu Rawat <
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> Hello folks,
> I am Abhimanyu Rawat, a Computer Science Masters degree student from BITS
> Pilani Campus, India. I found Memory Protection project #2904
> <> very interesting and vital for the
> the RTEMS. Among the lots of projects listed on the ideas page, Memory
> Protection draws me to RTEMS as it's a very challenging project and I would
> thoroughly enjoy working on it. I am a really enthusiastic person who would
> like to contribute to the project. I have previous experience in C, C++ and
> Python etc.  At present I am an intern at EMC ^2 where I am working on
> DataDomain Operating system, building configuration tool for the latest
> DDOS software update. I have also lead a BITS-Stanford inter-university
> project, where my team worked on Django based project with an inbuilt
> authorization tool + chat application etc. I usually help my friends with
> their projects as well.
> As required, I went through the initial brief about the project and I
> think it would be a valuable addition to RTEMS. Also, I have completed the
>, and configured and
> Built RTEMS for SPARC/erc32. Subsequently, I have the snapshot of the
> terminal showing my name and the GSOC text as pictured here
> <>.
> Kindly tell me how to send the proof of the terminal and the diff file as
> required.
> It would be great if you can give me some pointers about the structure of
> the project and the direction I should pursue.
> Overall, I look forward to working with the community and improving my
> skills by actively contributing to the project(in long run also).
> *Closing with thank you and warm Regards,*
> *Abhimanyu Rawat*
> *M.E. Computer Science, *
> *CS/IS Department, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus*
> *Email - h2015081 at
> <h2015081 at> / abhimanyurawat at
> <abhimanyurawat at>*
> *Phone. 08930399302 (call/Whatsapp), 09466899302*
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