[PATCH 2/2] libmisc/testsupport: Add RTEMS version, build and tools to the tests.

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Nov 6 21:58:45 UTC 2017

On 06/11/2017 17:41, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> Do all tests call the begin function in libmisc?
> Yes, I hope that this is the case.


is not doing that. This needs to change.

> Some tests use rtems_test_begin() directly.
> These tests should be changed to use TEST_BEGIN() (or vice versa).

I will take a look.I think the fewer macros we have the better. We may get
test_io.h (buffer_test_io.h) down to nothing.

> You can do a "#define TEST_TYPE XXX", instead of the "#define TEST_STATE_XXX".

Sure that is a good idea. I will have a look and see what happens.


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