[PATCH 00/10] Add wpa_supplicant to libbsd.

Christian Mauderer christian.mauderer at embedded-brains.de
Wed Nov 8 12:32:59 UTC 2017


I added a few bugfixes to the wpa_supplicant patches from Sichen Zhao.
Beneath that, I also added a short chapter in the libbsd.py describing
shortly how to use the WLAN support. Beneath that there is also a list
of points that still need work.

In case the import commit doesn't reach the mailing list due to it's
size: You can also find it here:


Note that the last patch targeting the dhcpcd is necessary for WPA too.
Without that, getting a IP address from a DHCP server doesn't work most
of the time.

Kind regards

Christian Mauderer

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