Names for pthread synchronization objects?

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Sat Nov 18 16:30:00 UTC 2017


all the POSIX synchronization objects use thread queues. Each thread queue has a name member. It would be nice to have a function to set this name. Unfortunately there is no POSIX, glibc, FreeBSD or QNX function to do this. Some IBM OS have a pthread_mutexattr_setname_np(). For threads glibc has a pthread_setname_np(). We have some options.

1. Offer no function to set the names (not really great for debugging and system diagnostics).
2. Add *_np() functions to Newlib pthread.h, e.g. pthread_mutex_setname_np(mtx, name), PTHREAD_MUTEX_NAMED_INITIALIZER_NP(name).
3. Add an RTEMS-specific header <rtems/pthread.h> with rtems_pthread_mutex_set_name(), etc. functions.

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