[PATCH] c-user: Document global construction

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Wed Nov 22 21:31:17 UTC 2017

On 22/11/2017 23:42, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> +Global Construction
> +-------------------
> +
> +The global construction is carried out by the first Classic API initialization
> +task.  If no Classic API initialization task exists, then it is carried out by
> +the first POSIX API initialization thread.  If no initialization task or thread
> +exists, then no global construction is performed, see for example
> +:ref:`Specify Idle Task Performs Application Initialization`.

What sort of context do the constructors run in?

What impact does the context have on the configuration of what ever context is
being used, eg stack size, priority, ...?

What services in RTEMS can be used from global constructors?


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