RFC: Remove confdefs.h "*HAS_OWN*" support

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Sun Oct 8 16:48:57 UTC 2017


Since Sebastian changed the language in Configuring a System to make
it mandatory to use confdefs.h, I think we should remove the *HAS_OWN*
configuration parameters.

We haven't  recommended anyone bypass confdefs.h and define their own
instances of configuration tables and variables in many many years. There
is some conditional logic in confdefs.h to support this and we don't test

I would like to remove it. Three big points:

+ we don't want anyone to use it
+ we don't test it
+ it eliminates something that would be difficult to get right if
  someone did use  it.

I don't think it will remove a lot of code or documentation but it will
eliminate something I don't think we want people to use.

If there is someone out there using it who cannot switch to confdefs.h,
then IMO there is a deficiency with confdefs.h that we need to address.


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