Google Code-In Mentors Needed

Joel Sherrill joel at
Thu Oct 12 19:52:18 UTC 2017


For RTEMS to participate in Google Code-In, we will need mentors. Being a
mentor is different from being a GSoC or SOCIS mentor. The tasks are not
like the summer projects in those programs. They are small tasks which any
RTEMS user or developer (including GSoC students) can provide  guidance
and review.  Tasks are geared to take from hours to a few days.

An example repeatable task is doing the hello world. Any number of GCI
students  can do that. Other tasks could include adding Doxygen headers
or formatting manuals.

The mentoring is on demand and you can pitch in for just  part of the

Help is needed and appreciated. Ask questions on list if you have them.


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