Failures on erc32 and psim

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One issue was related due to the new 64-bit time_t, e.g. (time_t)
(uint32_t) -1 is greater than zero now.

Ate you completely pushed? My tree was up to date last night.

On 09/10/17 02:25, Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Hi
> psx05 and capture timeout  on psim and erc32. I think psx05 is
> hanging up and not a random timeout.
> capture appears to be miscategorized. It is interactive.
> psim has failures beyond those on erc32.
> Failures:
>  psxsignal01.exe

This was an error in the exception handling. I fixed this.

Is it pushed?


I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature.

I haven't looked at this one yet.

>  dl05.exe
>  capture.exe
>  unlimited.exe
>  psx05.exe
>  psxstat.exe

unlimited.exe and psxstat.exe do not time out if I run them by hand.

Ok. I will double check these. Maybe they run too long.

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