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Thank you in advance for your advices concerning my problem :


*Background :* In my application, my GR712 (Leon3 processor) is 
communicating with a FPGA via PROM memory area. In this FPGA, there are 
registers to control two MRAM or other devices.

*What I want to achieve :* I want to create a new driver that allows the 
user to open a device "/dev/mram" and use ioctl calls to allow the user 
to control these registers in a safe way.

*My question/problem : *Driver Manager, when loading devices list, is 
somehow loading this list from a ROM zone or something in the processor 
and initializes the driver information only if it can link a hardware 
device to a driver. So, can I create a new driver that is not linked 
with a hardware device and that is just handling a register in the 
memory ? If yes, how ?

If you have any hint, tips or anything lead concerning what I want to 
do, I'll take it.

Again, thank you !

Best regards,

Yannick Sarthou.

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