LLVM/clang status?

Daniel Hellstrom daniel at gaisler.com
Fri Sep 15 14:33:04 UTC 2017


We did submit some SPARC patches to make RTEMS compile with LLVM during 
May. One of the patches which was not accepted I believe Sebastian 
updated and pushed during end of July. We have not made any attempts 
rebuilding since. At the time we ran the tests we were able to run most 
of the RTEMS test-suite with 20-25 failures or so if I recall correctly. 
However most of them was not dependent on LLVM and fixed since in the 
RTEMS repository, the others were fixed in the LLVM SPARC/LEON-REX 
backend. I recall that there were some potential problems with SPARC 
inline assembly in some cases when building for LEON-REX (no surprise 
since it is not the same ISA..). Also, we built newlib using LLVM. I'm 
not sure which kernel configurations we compiled for though.

Since May we distribute a LLVM-4.0 toolchain with our bare-metal 
environment. During the coming months we plan to release a LLVM 
toolchain together with RCC-1.3.x. However we have some work to do on 
the front-end for RTEMS first and testing of course. We will have some 
LLVM specific documentation once released.


On 2017-09-14 02:10, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Daniel Hellstrom should ready speak up. They have it working for 
> SPARC. I don't know if anything special is needed for other targets so 
> it should just be a matter of attempting it and seeing
> On Sep 13, 2017 6:46 PM, "Gedare Bloom" <gedare at rtems.org 
> <mailto:gedare at rtems.org>> wrote:
>     I've seen some discussion about using clang to compile a few targets.
>     Is there any documentation about what is known to work/not work, and
>     any additional directions needed to be successful?
>     -Gedare
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