the generated coverage report doesn't contain any data

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Mon Apr 16 16:46:25 UTC 2018

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> current status :
> the coverage is running now with rtems-test and generating the report,
> however, the report doesn't show any data.

I've been lurking as you have been making progress. Now you have crossed
into something you probably need some hints at. Some things to check:

+ Obviously, check output for signs that something didn't happen right.
Anything from a path wrong, etc. The configuration has to be right to
point to the source code, object code, executables, etc.

+ A lot of source code has moved around since last summer. Check
that it is looking in the right places inside RTEMS.

+ Does the mechanism to get debug information actually work? Cillian?

+ There is a utility named trace-converter. Make sure your qemu traces
have information in them.

+ Cillian probably has guidance on running it just on one test (say ticker)
so you can see every step.

+ Check that the executables have symbolic information. "file" should
show if they are stripped or not.

I recall covoar has a verbose mode which should be of use.

Cillian .. do you have instructions on running covoar in gdb?

> -- vijay
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