Some problems with the libbsd update

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Wed Aug 22 09:51:23 UTC 2018

On 22/08/18 09:50, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> To support everything in RTEMS is a lot of work, so I have to make 
> some trade-offs. The implementation of this API must be as efficient 
> as possible since it is used in the critical paths of the network 
> stack. I will try to use a single global epoch and thread-specific 
> records as suggested by Matthew Macy to avoid the need for 
> per-processor data structures and the thread pinning. One key issue is 
> that epoch records must not be destroyed:
> The consequence of this is that unlimited thread objects may lead to 
> undefined behaviour with this implementation approach. Also 
> thread-local storage cannot be used since it is reinitialized once a 
> thread restarted or reused. The epoch record must be included in the 
> Thread_Control and must not be touched by _Thread_Initialize(). This 
> means I have to move the API and its implementation along with the 
> Concurrency Kit to RTEMS. 

Ok, there is also an


This allows a localized implementation in libbsd.

Due to performance reasons this requires the use of thread-local 
storage. Any objections to make thread-local storage a hard requirement 
for libbsd support?

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