Best Home for uncrustify configuration file

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Dec 6 02:04:18 UTC 2018

On 05/12/2018 17:10, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 05/12/2018 05:18, Chris Johns wrote:
>> On 05/12/2018 14:59, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>>> Current location:
>>> Any thoughts on a better location? The page is being converted to Rest for the
>>> SW Eng Handbook.
>> How good is it? The page says the configuration can assist.
>> Should this stay in the wiki? Maybe moved up a level as this page is consumed?
> If it works maybe we could add such scripts to a rtems-tools. 

Yes if it works.

> The last time I
> tried to use uncrustify to get the RTEMS style (some years ago) was not very
> successful. I asked a student this week to try out clang-format.

Should we have a command to run what ever tool does the work so the documented
command is always the same?


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