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> On 13/12/2018 20:30, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> > On 13/12/2018 09:16, Jiri Gaisler wrote:
> >>> I use the SIS every day for RTEMS development and test suite runs. The
> >>> SMP support would be a very valuable for RTEMS development. If we can
> >>> get also code coverage from it, then it would be perfect.
> >> I can look at the coverage support.
> This would be fantastic. The support for detailed analysis of trace data in
> RTEMS is growing. Covoar has had a lot of work done on it this year. An
> efficient cross-host way to get good trace data will improve the quality
> of RTEMS.
> I, like Sebastian, use the SIS for my development work

Me too. And we still use it as the first bsp and simulator we recommend in
the getting started. It is simple to use, fast and trustworthy.

> >> Is there a standardized format for coverage data that I should use?
> >
> > I am not sure if there exists a standardized format. but Joel is the
> expert in
> > this area.
> The covoar tool currently support the couverture qemu trace format. I am
> not
> sure if it is something Adacore invented.

I think that format is something AdaCore invented. It's not bad but I wish
they would push harder to get the trace support into upstream qemu.

But couverture also supports the tsim bitmap format. It can support
anything since that's a factory class and you can implement it yourself.

But Jiri should know the tsim format so that would be my recommendation. He
might remember adding a bit for branch take long ago at my request. :)

> The covoar tool is run from within the rtems-test tool when the BSP
> supports
> coverage. It has the ability to support a number of formats so we can add
> what
> is created. I suggest any format that is compact and can be parsed in a
> single
> pass should be fine.

The tsim bitmap format is easy. If it produces that there will be no

> The ability to control the trace file name would be nice. The rtems-test
> tool
> runs the sis simulator in parallel on the available cores and we now have a
> number of executables in the same directory.


The riscv news and move of the simulator is great news.

Moving grlib is also useful. We are working on an arm bsp.

This is awesome!

> Chris
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