SIS MP success

Chris Johns chrisj at
Sat Dec 15 00:07:52 UTC 2018

On 14/12/18 8:48 pm, Jiri Gaisler wrote:
> OK, I will look into this over Christmas. I have some long flights
> coming up so it will be a good way to kill time ... :-)

Great. I have been on a few flights recently and I have been doing the same
thing. Power in the seats is nice and WiFi is even better.

> Failures:
>  dl07.exe

That should not be happening. I will check this as part of some work I am planning.

> Invalid:
>  spinternalerror01.exe
>  sptimecounter01.exe

These are typically crashes.

> Average test time: 0:00:00.498379
> Testing time     : 0:05:20.956184

That is a nice run time.

If you add the --mail and related options (--mail-to, --mail-from, --smtp-host)
the results can be posted to build at We love seeing results being
posted by any and everyone.

> The four failing/invalid tests fail the same way on real hardware, so I
> am not too worried about this. 

Is the failure seen without rtems-test?

I ask because I think there maybe a bug in rtems-test with a threading load when
running a number of simulations at once. I am not sure if this is a qemu
specific issue or a general one, I need to revisit it. I suspect a locking issue
in rtems-test and it can be seen with tests hanging and simulators showing 0
load in top.

On a non-smp build, I get the same fails,
> so it seems to be some issue with the tests...

There is a ticket open on 5.1 to have tests that do fail to be tagged as
"Expected Fail" so we can baseline what is expected. I cannot do this alone
because I am not sure which ones are expected failures.


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