[PATCH] Add low level event recording support

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Thu Dec 20 00:46:01 UTC 2018

I have read the ticket and not the patch.

On 20/12/2018 08:00, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> How does this relate.to <http://relate.to> the existing infrastructure for the
> capture engine? It seems duplicative.

Yes it is confusing. With this change we would have 3 possible trace systems,
the capture engine, rtems-tld and this. I would like just one way to trace a
live system.

I am OK with the capture engine being replaced with something new and better
that provides all the functionality of the capture engine, ie triggers, floors
etc. The ticket does not state if this is what will happen. It would be good if
this can be clarified. Filtering at runtime is an important performance

It is also not clear to me why the capture engine cannot be improved to have the
capture method presented here integrated. Sure, currently it does not have the
low level performance because of the locks used but it is not clear to me why
this code cannot be changed?

Can we please establish the requirements and how this sits with what we have
sorted out before reviewing patches and details?

An important part of any trace work is host integration and the tools to manage
this. Getting data off via TCP, UDP, file etc is only part of the problem so it
would good to know what the integration path on the host is.

Sorry but I have no time to review this and consider it until next year.


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