rtems-docs build failure

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Sun Dec 23 08:03:43 UTC 2018

On 23/12/18 2:56 am, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Checking if Sphinx is at least 1.3       : yes (1.8) 

I have started to understand the PDF build issue. Sphinx creates a GNU make
Makefile in the latex directory that is to be used to build the PDF. The one I
see being created by sphinx-build 1.8 uses 'latexmk' to build the PDF.

The 'latexml' command internally calls 'xindy'. In my playing around I switched
to using 'xelatex' builder so I am not sure if this is resulting in 'xindy'
being used rather than 'makeindex'. I doubt it is related. The Makefile contains
flags for 'xindy' including a sphinx specific file.

The problem I am now facing is 'xindy' is not installed as a command with
texlive on FreeBSD. I am not yet sure if this is normal for FreeBSD or a
packaging issue. The packaged and installed 'latexmk' expects it to exist.

> [joel at localhost rtems-docs]$ ./waf
> Waf: Entering directory `/home/joel/rtems-work/rtems-docs/build'
> Waf: Leaving directory `/home/joel/rtems-work/rtems-docs/build'
> invalid number of source/target for bld(posted=True,
> target=[/home/joel/rtems-work/rtems-docs/build/user/latex/capt-of.sty,
> /home/joel/rtems-work/rtems-docs/build/user/latex/eqparbox.sty,
> /home/joel/rtems-work/rtems-docs/build/user/latex/environ.sty,
> /home/joel/rtems-work/rtems-docs/build/user/latex/ifplatform.sty,
> /home/joel/rtems-work/rtems-docs/build/user/latex/trimspaces.sty,
> /home/joel/rtems-work/rtems-docs/build/user/latex/slantsc.sty,
> /home/joel/rtems-work/rtems-docs/build/user/latex/upquote.sty,
> /home/joel/rtems-work/rtems-docs/build/user/latex/rtemsextrafonts.sty], idx=1,
> meths=['process_subst', 'process_rule', 'process_source'],
> source=['../common/latex/capt-of.sty', '../common/latex/eqparbox.sty',
> '../common/latex/environ.sty', '../common/latex/ifplatform.sty',
> '../common/latex/trimspaces.sty', '../common/latex/slantsc.sty',
> '../common/latex/upquote.sty'], path=/home/joel/rtems-work/rtems-docs/user,
> is_copy=True, features=['subst']) in /home/joel/rtems-work/rtems-docs/user

The target .sty files listed are not in my install. I am not sure what is
happening here.

> Texlive on this VM is 2018 and looks like I installed it in late November.

Do you have `xindy` as a command in your path? Is it installed as part of
texlive, if not which package?


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