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On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 8:44 AM, Vijay Kumar Banerjee <
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> Hello sir,
> I am Vijay K. Banerjee , a 2nd year student of Computer Science and
> Engineering from India .
> I have knowledge of C/C++ and very much interested in contributing to the
> project .
> I have done the initial hello world task .

Good work. Two things left to do. Send myself or Gedare Bloom a screenshot
of the
modified hello world running. And add yourself to the table here:


> Please guide me in selecting  a project and doing further study to
> progress towards contributing .

What are you interested in and what is your experience?

We have a handful of high priority projects this year we would like to see
progress on.
This is almost certainly not the full list and we are always up for ideas.

+ Make Eclipse Target Interaction work with RTEMS (
+ Improvements to our coverage reporting. GCOV validation and covoar
reporting improvements
+ wifi integration improvements
+ aarch64 port
+ x86_64 port / non-legacy PC BSP
   - This project is large so we would need to work with whoever wants to
tackle it
     to find the best subset for GSoC.

Others will pipe up with ideas.


> Thanks
> Vijay K.
> P.S: I have attached the patch file
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