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Abhinav Jain jainab.2009 at
Sat Mar 3 18:16:46 UTC 2018


I am Abhinav Jain, a second-year engineering student from Delhi, India. I
have been working in Linux Kernel Development, I have been writing small
drivers and have a good knowledge of the operating system.
I have been studying about Memory Protection project(ticket #2904) for
around a month and found it really interesting. I studied about POSIX, MMU
support in various other architecture and the memory protection APIs in
various operating systems.I have been discussing the same on the mailing
I also solved an issue (#2522) around a week ago to gain some hands-on code.

I would like to work on the Memory Protection project under GSOC 2018, so I
request you to please guide me regarding the steps to be followed.

Thanks and Regards
Abhinav Jain
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