potential deadlock in _once

Passas, Stavros stavros.passas at intel.com
Sun Mar 4 21:09:49 UTC 2018


We have faced RTEMS threads getting locked up when using certain c++ functionality.
Issue happens for example when std::future is combined with std::async.

Investigating deeper, seems like this happens if std::async executes before std::future gets scheduled to run. Both of these create a pthread_once instance. _once uses a common semaphore for all calls, thus the first function (async.get usually) gets the lock, calls its "init" function (which blocks until the second function has completed, while std::future also uses pthread_once to create a new thread, but because the lock is already taken, it blocks, casing a deadlock between these two functions.

Is this a known issue?
If not, should I create a ticket about it?

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